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Protecting Source(.exe) From Decomplie? Compiled .Au3

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Hey guys, Im working on a project in AutoV3 Beta that Im very proud of and I want to release it soon on one of the forums I use and probely on here too, But I very worried about people decompling it and stealing my source. Is there a program that can protect your .exe from programs like resource hacker and other Reverse engineering?

Also, I have searched the forums and found a few "AutoIT script Encryptors" and ive tryed them out but I dont know if it worked or not...? I have both versions of AutoITV3 and it comes with the ExeToAu3.exe But when I try to test it on one of my .exe's that I complied myself with ethier AutoITV3 or With BETA and it says "File cannot be recognized as Compiled AutoIt script" And I figured maybe the encryption worked, But then I tryed in on a very simple NON-encrypted exe complied .au3 and it says the same thing(error)...? Am i doing something wrong? DO i have to put in a "Pharaphrase"? if so what is that? Sorry not good with lingo yet. Thanks alot guys!

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