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Alright, so a twist on the code from _WinGetCtrlInfo(), . Eventually, Ill have it list the control class, ID, and names of the controls of the active window to a text file. We do alot of automations of drivers and software, and by making it easier for our install technicians to log this stuff will help me alot.

Im new to DLL's, and it's starting to become a headache for me. I keep getting blank as the result of $wintext. Im sure I just have something wrong in the DLLCall.

Anyone know DLL's well enough to give me a hand? Thanks in advance.

HotKeySet("!^s", "capture")

While 1

func capture()
Global $Array = _WinGetCtrlInfo(WingetTitle("[ACTIVE]"))
Global $sOne = '[0][0] = ' & $Array[0][0] & @CR, $sTwo
For $iCC = 1 To $Array[0][0]
    $sOne &= '[' & $iCC & '][0] = ' & $Array[$iCC][0] & @CR
    $sTwo &= '[' & $iCC & '][1] = ' & $Array[$iCC][1] & @CR
winactivate("Untitled - Notepad")
MsgBox(64, 'WinInfo', StringTrimRight($sOne, 1) & @CR & StringTrimRight($sTwo, 1))

Func _WinGetCtrlInfo($hWin)
    If IsString($hWin) Then $hWin = WinGetHandle($hWin)
    Local $sClassList = WinGetClassList($hWin), $iAdd = 1, $aDLL, $ctrl_hwnd, $sHold
    Local $aSplitClass = StringSplit(StringTrimRight($sClassList, 1), @LF), $aReturn[1][2]
    For $iCount = $aSplitClass[0] To 1 Step - 1
        Local $nCount = 0
        While 1
            $nCount += 1
            If ControlGetHandle($hWin, '', $aSplitClass[$iCount] & $nCount) = '' Then ExitLoop
            If Not StringInStr(Chr(1) & $sHold, Chr(1) & $aSplitClass[$iCount] & $nCount & Chr(1)) Then
                $sHold &= $aSplitClass[$iCount] & $nCount & Chr(1)
                $iAdd += 1
                ReDim $aReturn[$iAdd][2]
                $aReturn[$iAdd - 1][0] = $aSplitClass[$iCount] & $nCount

;something below here is wrong-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
                $aDLL = DllCall('User32.dll', 'int', 'GetDlgCtrlID', 'hwnd', ControlGetHandle($hWin, '', $aSplitClass[$iCount] & $nCount))       
                $DLLstr   = DllStructCreate("char var1[128]")
                $aDLL1 =  DLLCall("user32.dll","str","GetDlgItemText","hwnd",ControlGetHandle($hWin, '', $aSplitClass[$iCount] & $nCount),"int",$aDLL[0],"LPTSTR",DllStructGetPtr($DLLstr, "var1"))
                $wintext = DllStructGetData($DLLstr,1)
;something above here is wrong-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

                If @error = 0 Then
                    $aReturn[$iAdd - 1][1] = $wintext
                    $aReturn[$iAdd - 1][1] = @error
    $aReturn[0][0] = $iAdd - 1
    Return $aReturn

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Nevermind, Im dumb. ControlGetText () does exactly what I need.

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