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How to enable tab character in edit control?

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make a hotkey then have it send a tab to the edit, hmmm lets see if i can make one

HotKeySet ( "{tab}", TabFunc() )
Func TabFunc()
   GUICtrlSetData ( $edit, GUICtrlRead ( $edit ) & @TAB )

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The cro-magnon to AutoIt3 GUI, Au3GUI had something in the messageloop that checked if it was an "edit" class control and passed a "TAB" message rather than the default dialog behaviour, which I believe is to ignore tab or something...

It's pretty easy for the devs to add something to the message loop, I believe, that checks when a "tab" message comes in... and if it is an "edit" control... insert at the cursor position ... a "tab" ... I could post the AU3GUI code if needed... some day when my wife lets me...




Thanks. I'll use method provided by Xenogis for now and hope that there will be an optional setting / style for this later.

This was just one of those things that I thought might already be possible even if there are no references in help file / forum. Now I can stop looking for this hidden style :lmao:

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