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I am trying to do an AutoIt SOAP Client to fetch weather data from NDFD SOAP XMLs. The WSDL is at http://www.weather.gov/forecasts/xml/DWMLg...dl/ndfdXML.wsdl This is an excerpt from my code.

$SOAPClient = objcreate("MSSOAP.SOAPClient")

$SOAPClient.mssoapinit ("http://www.weather.gov/forecasts/xml/DWMLgen/wsdl/ndfdXML.wsdl")

$strReturn = $SOAPClient.LatLonListCityNames(1234);

This function is just an example. Any function I use from the WSDL pops a Type Mismatch error. The data type for the 1234 I pass is called String in the schema but Integer on the help page. The name is displayLevel. Am I supposed to explicitly specify in passing that the value is for the parameter with this name?

Similarly, the NDFDgen function needs to be passed an array of boolean values. How do I do this in AutoIt? Will a general variant array suffice?

Has anybody tried NDFD with SOAP on AutoIT yet? If I get this working, I will post my code. Thanks in advance.

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