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new and need a little bit of help

Guest GodlikeKing

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Guest GodlikeKing

i have never did any kind of coding before and such and a guy who codes really well adviced me to learn this first so when i did i runned through the tutorials and now what to do =P ?

i suppose i can't make a complete simple program by now it takes a lot more than that i suppose .

i had an idea to make a simple "script" to launch IE and than go to a site like www.google.nl

but i couldn't figure out what the command is for that =P

can anyone help me :lmao:? thnx

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didn't there used to be an example of going to hotmail.com with autoit?

use these commands to do it, im not going to give you a script because i want you to learn the right way.




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Guest GodlikeKing

hey thnx

i tryed it with send but i failed :lmao: cause it came up ( i have www.google.nl as homepage) and when i used Send ("www.blabla.com") than it typed that o:) and it went not to the url >_>

but thnx Mhz for ur example

WinWaitActive("Microsoft Internet Explorer")

that's how it original looked like :)

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