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hi i'm bizzy with a program but i have a problem with filesend and filerecieve when the transer is compleet the the transer olso quit i dont want that

an example when i download a file a from internet and then it makes a file on my hard drive but the download takes one hour

after 30 minits the download is at 300 mb

but at 45 min its at 450 mb

when i sent this file over tcpsend with autoit then it send data until it reached the 450 mb but when it reaches 450 mb the download is not finish jet

so what i want is a tcpsend and tcp recieve that when the transer is compeet hold the connection open and when the file that was send is getting larger

, bigger in size then he send that data to

hold the connection open that when the file is a bigger he send that data to

and i dont want that he starts over again then with the whole download

can somebody help me on this????

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