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FileInstall() Problem

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Okies, im sure there is a simple way around this or even simple solution...but i cant find it:

I have:

FileInstall("C:\Folder\tickgreen.gif",$GreenTick,1)oÝ÷ Ù¬¶W¡ëÆ+-jwZ[ajØÚÏ6î·^&®¶­sbb33cµ4u$TTãÒuT7G&Ä7&VFU2b33c´w&VVåF6²ÂcÂCÂ#Â#Â&"b33cµ55ôäõDeÂb33cµu5ôu$õUÂb33cµu5ô4Ä4$Ääu2oÝ÷ Ø]¡ë'¢Û!£©jÖ¥+-êÞ²¶§(Z½é¢²ÇN»w(¥zÇâæî¶z)Ën­ë!£.¤âjëh×6$PICGREEN1 = GUICtrlCreatePic("C:\Folder\tickgreen.gif", 160, 40, 20, 20,BitOR($SS_NOTIFY,$WS_GROUP,$WS_CLIPSIBLINGS))

The picture shows up...but of course i dont want to have to move my picture everywhere around with me if you know what i mean, so i would prefer to install it into the script.

Any help would be amazing!!

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