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Exiting conditional without exiting Gui

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Hello Scripters

I'm new to AutoIt, but I have a background in PHP and Javascript, and some time with VisualBasic 4.

I'm trying to exit out of a conditional without exiting the gui.

I'm testing for text in an input, if no text is found throw a message box and stop. Do not exit GUI.

If I use the Exit keyword the GUI exits completely. I do not want this to happen.

How do I do this in AutoIt?

I have searched the AutoIt Help file, and this forum, with no luck. Please help.

My Script

#include <GUIConstantsEx.au3>

Opt("GUIOnEventMode", 1)
AutoItSetOption("MustDeclareVars", 1)

;Declare variables
    Global $mainForm
    Global $menuFile, $menuFileItemExit
    Global $txtInput, $cmdAdd

;Create main window
    $mainForm = GUICreate("Add Text To File", 400, 150, (@DeskTopWidth - 400)/2, (@DeskTopHeight - 150)/2)
    GUISetOnEvent($GUI_EVENT_CLOSE, "CLOSEClicked")
;Create File menu and items
    $menuFile = GUICtrlCreateMenu("&File")
    $menuFileItemExit = GUICtrlCreateMenuItem("E&xit", $menuFile)
    GUICtrlSetOnEvent($menuFileItemExit, "CLOSEClicked")
;Create input text box
    $txtInput = GUICtrlCreateInput("",20, 40, 300, 20)
    $cmdAdd = GUICtrlCreateButton("Add", 325, 40, 40, 20)
;Create add Button
    GUICtrlSetOnEvent($cmdAdd, "AddText")
;Show GUI

while 1

;Add Text To File Func
    func AddText()
        Local $NL, $txt, $handle, $write, $close
        $NL = @CRLF;Carraige return and line feed
        $txt = GUICtrlRead($txtInput)

        If $txt = "" Then 
            MsgBox(48, "No Text", "There isn't any text to enter!")

        $handle = FileOpen("text.txt", 1)
        $write = FileWrite($handle, $txt & $NL)
        $close = FileClose($handle)
        GUICtrlSetData($txtInput, "")
        MsgBox(0, "Added Text", $txt)

;Exit GUI
    Func CLOSEClicked()

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Return quits current function:

If $txt = "" Then 
              MsgBox(48, "No Text", "There isn't any text to enter!")

Thanks. I new it was simple.

I just realized I could have used an if else statement....

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