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Grid UDF - Made of labels

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I have realized that there are many games that could utilize a nice simple set of functions for a grid of labels. So I made this... It has lots of room for expansion and I haven't checked it much. I have included an example script that shows what you can do with it so far.

Download here:

Comments/suggestions/ideas/criticism welcome.

I'll probably make a simple snake game soon.

Some ideas I had concerning expansion and possible uses:

  • Be able to use pictures OR labels, not just labels
  • Tetris
  • Advanced snake game
  • Pac man like game
  • Tic Tac Toe
  • Connect 4
  • Any others?

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It would be very easy to write a game like Snake (inspired by your example). :)

When the words fail... music speaks

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#3 ·  Posted (edited)

Nice UDF! :) I modified the grid create function to use pictures (as you suggested, it was easy to do). Its now part of a concept to make a rouge-like adventure game in Autoit:


#include <GUIConstantsEx.au3>

Global $xGrid[1][1] ; an array containing all the control ID's for each item, Ichigo's grid udf

Global $dungeonFloor[200][200] ;$dungeonFloor values may actually represent something other than floor (walls/black space/door), it would be more accurate the call it first layer (the only layer at this point)

Global $dungeonExplored[200][200] ;squares already seen are rememberd by the character, so theres a picture there according to the squares "floor" type (floor/wall/etc)

Global $dungeonMob[200][200] ;to be implemented

Global $dungeonItems[200][200][20] ;to be implemented

Global $charpos[2] ;main chars xy

Global $images[100] ;collection of image paths used, 0 is black, 1 is default floor, 2 is default wall, 3 is our hero; needs to be split up to diffrent arrays for different types (floor/character/monster)

;FileInstalls here

$maingui = GUICreate('game',640,320)

$images[0]= @ScriptDir&"\black.bmp"

$images[1]= @ScriptDir&"\floor.bmp"

$images[2]= @ScriptDir&"\wall.bmp"

$images[3]= @ScriptDir&"\door.bmp"

$images[10]= @ScriptDir&"\hero.bmp"

$charpos[0] = Random(1,10,1)

$charpos[1] = Random(1,10,1)


_CreateLevel_Gui(20, 40, 16, $maingui)

$charControl = GUICtrlCreatePic($images[10],16*$charpos[0],16*$charpos[1],16,16)






while 1



Func _CreateLevel_Gui($x, $y, $size, $gui) ;visualization of the "dungeon" as a grid of pictures. Based on the Grid UDF made by Ichigo

If $x < 0 or $y < 0 or $size < 0 then Return -1

ReDim $xGrid[$x][$y]

$bX = $x

$bY = $y


For $x = 0 to $bX - 1

For $y = 0 to $bY - 1

if $dungeonExplored[$x][$y] = 0 then

$xGrid[$x][$y] = GUICtrlCreatePic($images[0], $y * $size, $x * $size, $size, $size) ;most of the place is black...


$temp = $dungeonFloor[$x][$y]

$xGrid[$x][$y] = GUICtrlCreatePic($images[$temp], $y * $size, $x * $size, $size, $size) ;however, a few blocks are already "seen" by the mainchar at startup




Return 1


Func _CreateLevel_Memory($sizex, $sizey) ;creating the floor and a little house/fort/whatever for the character to start in. Some algorith to generate a level goes here

for $x=0 to $sizex

for $y=0 to $sizey

if $dungeonFloor[$y][$x] = "" Then ;this is needed so the default squre type wont override rooms/corridors created before (not implemented yet)

$dungeonFloor[$y][$x] = 1 ;set everything to 1, walkable floor.

$dungeonExplored[$y][$x] = 0 ;nothing is explored yet




_CreateRoom($charpos[0] - 1 ,$charpos[1] - 1, 4, 12, 3) ;bigger room, the character starts in this one

_CreateRoom($charpos[0] + 2 ,$charpos[1] - 1, 4, 4, 4) ;smaller rooms, with doors to the left, overlapping one wall with oneanother

_CreateRoom($charpos[0] + 5 ,$charpos[1] - 1, 4, 4, 4)

_CreateRoom($charpos[0] + 2 ,$charpos[1] + 5, 4, 4, 4)

_CreateRoom($charpos[0] + 5 ,$charpos[1] + 5, 4, 4, 4)

For $x = -1 to 1

for $y = -1 to 1

$dungeonExplored[$charpos[1] + $y][$charpos[0] + $x] = 1 ;the squares next to the character start as explored




Func _CreateRoom($startx, $starty, $sizex , $sizey, $melyikfal = "") ;creates a square room. last variable is the side of the room to have its door on

$sizex -= 1 ;room dimensions corretion, so _CreateRoom(10, 10, 4 , 4) is a 4x4 room rather then a 5x5

$sizey -= 1

$x = $startx

for $y=$starty to $sizey + $starty ;top wall

$dungeonFloor[$y][$x] = 2

$dungeonExplored[$y][$x] = 0


for $x = $startx + 1 to $sizex + $startx ; everything else, walls on the starting and ending position


$dungeonFloor[$y][$x] = 2

$dungeonExplored[$y][$x] = 0

for $y=$starty + 1 to $sizey + $starty

$dungeonFloor[$y][$x] = 1

$dungeonExplored[$y][$x] = 0


$y=$sizey + $starty

$dungeonFloor[$y][$x] = 2

$dungeonExplored[$y][$x] = 0


$x = $startx + $sizex

for $y=$starty to $sizey + $starty ;bottom wall

$dungeonFloor[$y][$x] = 2

$dungeonExplored[$y][$x] = 0


If $melyikfal = "" then $melyikfal = Random(1,4,1) ;after the room is created one door is created. numbers are clockwise 1:top 2:right etc

Switch $melyikfal

Case 1 ;if top wall

$hol = Random(1,$sizex -1,1)

$dungeonFloor[$starty][$startx+ $hol] = 3

Case 2 ;if right wall

$hol = Random(1,$sizey-1,1)

$dungeonFloor[$starty+ $hol][$startx + $sizex] = 3

Case 3 ;if bottom wall

$hol = Random(1,$sizex -1,1)

$dungeonFloor[$starty + $sizey][$startx+ $hol] = 3

Case 4 ;if left wall

$hol = Random(1,$sizey-1,1)

$dungeonFloor[$starty+ $hol][$startx] = 3



Func _MoveCharacter($direction) ;Character tries to go in a certain direction. To do: split up to more functions, so other objects (monsters?) may access those functions

$temp = $xGrid[$charpos[1]][$charpos[0]] ;point where he tries to move from

Switch $direction

Case "up"

If $charpos[1] <> 0 AND $dungeonFloor[$charpos[1] - 1][$charpos[0]] = 1 Then ;floor there (first part to avoid errors at the edges of the map)

$charpos[1] -= 1 ;walk on that floor

ElseIf $charpos[1] <> 0 AND $dungeonFloor[$charpos[1] - 1][$charpos[0]] = 3 Then ;door there

$siker = _OpenDoor($charpos[1] - 1,$charpos[0]) ;try to smash it

return $siker ; successfull or not


return 0


Case "down"

If $charpos[1] <> UBound($xGrid,1) -1 AND $dungeonFloor[$charpos[1] + 1][$charpos[0]] = 1 Then

$charpos[1] += 1

ElseIF $charpos[1] <> UBound($xGrid,1) -1 AND $dungeonFloor[$charpos[1] + 1][$charpos[0]] = 3 Then

$siker = _OpenDoor($charpos[1] + 1,$charpos[0])


return 0


Case "left"

If $charpos[0] <> 0 And $dungeonFloor[$charpos[1]][$charpos[0] - 1] = 1 Then

$charpos[0] -= 1

ElseIf $charpos[0] <> 0 And $dungeonFloor[$charpos[1]][$charpos[0] - 1] = 3 Then

$siker = _OpenDoor($charpos[1],$charpos[0] - 1)

return $siker


return 0


Case "right"

If $charpos[0] <> UBound($xGrid,2) -1 AND $dungeonFloor[$charpos[1]][$charpos[0] + 1] = 1 Then

$charpos[0] += 1

ElseIf $charpos[0] <> UBound($xGrid,2) -1 AND $dungeonFloor[$charpos[1]][$charpos[0] + 1] = 3 Then

$siker = _OpenDoor($charpos[1],$charpos[0] + 1)

Return $siker


return 0



GUICtrlSetState($temp,$GUI_SHOW) ;the square you stood on was hidden, now its visible again as you moved away from it

For $y = -1 to 1 ;render your new surroundings: set those squres to explored, and show their picture accoring to "floor" value

for $x = -1 to 1

If $x = 0 and $y = 0 then ContinueLoop ;no need to set this one anyway

If $charpos[1] + $y >= 0 And $charpos[0] + $x >=0 AND $charpos[1] + $y <= UBound($xGrid,1) -1 AND $charpos[0] + $x <= UBound($xGrid,2) - 1 Then ;errors avoided

$img_n = $dungeonFloor[$charpos[1] + $y][$charpos[0] + $x]

GUICtrlSetImage($xGrid[$charpos[1] + $y][$charpos[0] + $x], $images[$img_n])

$dungeonExplored[$charpos[0] + $x][$charpos[1] + $y]=1




GUICtrlSetState($xGrid[$charpos[1]][$charpos[0]],$GUI_HIDE) ;hide the square you step on

GUICtrlSetPos($charControl,16*$charpos[0],16*$charpos[1]) ; move the picture of the main char

GUICtrlSetState ($charControl ,$GUI_ONTOP) ;not sure if this is needed...

return 1


Func _OpenDoor($bX,$bY)

$kocka = Random(0,100,1) ;d100 dice to get success of door "opening" (right now: smashing)

Switch $kocka

Case 1 to 75 ; 3 out of 4, you fail

return 0

case 76 to 100 ;you smash the door

$dungeonFloor[$bX][$bY] = 1 ;the door there is now a floor

GUICtrlSetImage($xGrid[$bX][$bY], $images[1]) ;and its image updates

return 2



Func Test1()



Func Test2()



Func Test3()



Func Test4()



So this is it. You cant do much yet, just smash the doors of the starting fort and then explore the outsides = lots of floor type squares. The 16x16 images I painted:

Download to the script folder if you dont feel like painting your own.

(Sorry, im a newb and the forum wont accept these within IMG tags, "bad format")

Edited by mvendak

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