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Can I resume PC from standby by AutoIT script

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Hi, Guys, Can I develop a script let PC resume from standby or hibernation with AutoIT? Thanks

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you can try this : http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms686289(VS.85).aspx

fResume [in]

If this parameter is TRUE, restores a system in suspended power conservation mode when the timer state is set to signaled. Otherwise, the system is not restored. If the system does not support a restore, the call succeeds, but GetLastError returns ERROR_NOT_SUPPORTED.

[font="Palatino Linotype"][size="3"]AutoIt Script Examples :[/size][/font][font="Palatino Linotype"][size="3"]_CaptureBehindWindowGlass CMD for Windows Vista/Seven[/size][/font][left][/left][font="Palatino Linotype"][size="3"]Non AutoIt Script programs : Border Skin - Aero Glass On XP[/size][/font]

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For implementation of CreateWaitableTimer, SetWaitableTimer

Check the code is this thread:


How you enter Standby or Hibernation is important. From MSDN:


  __in  BOOLEAN Hibernate,
  __in  BOOLEAN ForceCritical,
  __in  BOOLEAN DisableWakeEvent

If DisableWakeEvent is set as true, it won't wake up when your timer expires. I believe Autoit's shutdown(32) & shutdown(64) (standby/hibernate) command will allow wake events, but for example, the improperly called, but often cited

rundll32.exe powrprof.dll,SetSuspendState

Will both try to call a hibernate, and disablewake events.

I also believe pressing the "sleep" button on a computer will allow wake events.

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