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Problems With Run()

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I'm having problems with Run..

Run("Diablo II.exe","C:\ProgramFiles\Diablo II")

that doesn't work, it says that the system cannot find the file specified..

Error: Unable to execute the external program.

The system cannot find the file specified.

however, with Run from the start menu, this works:

"C:\Program Files\Diablo II\Diablo II.exe"

the following also works with autoit:

Run("Notepad.exe", "C:\WINDOWS")

i tried moving the exe to the windows directory and it worked.. but it has to be in the Diablo II directory in program files in order to run properly..

so... the problem seems to lie in the Path... but what could it be?

also, i have not been able to get autoit to run a shortcut.. obviously this could solve my problem entirely, as i can just drop a shortcut into the windows directory..

also, i need to run the application with a commandline option: -w

i'd be greatful for any help you could give me

thank you,


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Hey bradvexille, I think all you need to do is:

Run( "C:\Program Files\Diablo II\Diablo II.exe -w" )

and that's it

To run a shortcut you could do:

Run( "cmd /c start c:\documents and settings\user\desktop\shortcut.lnk" )

I'm pretty sure, you may want to hide the window uh, @SW_HIDE or something like that.

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thank you all for the very prompt replies, everything works smoothly now :whistle:

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