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A question about a debugger work with OutputDebugString

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Hello community,

dear Jon and AutoIt Team,

I use the Win API function OutputDebugString and the program DebugView to follow the sequences of programming lines of a source code. This works for a lot of scenarios, but not for all. It is possible to control sequences of a program with a debugger which works with WinAPI function OutputDebugString. The debugger call a process with the flags DEBUG_PROCESS and DEBUG_ONLY_THIS_PROCESS. It controls with WaitForDebugEvent and analyze the event OUTPUT_DEBUG_STRING_EVENT. You see, no witchcraft. But after the start of the program AutoIt generate an error message: "It is a violation of the AutoIt EULA to attempt to reverse engineer this program."

At first: AutoIt is a great tool and I do not want to reverse engineer AutoIt.

But, is it possible, for the future, to disable this protection function? It can be a base for a single step debugger for AutoIt, which can be realized with AutoIt too.

Thanks for an answer.



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