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Check if streaming video's link works?

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I have a need, even if it sounds stupid, to check a streaming video file in .ogm format to see if the link works. On occassion a file is taken down and the link becomes broken. What I need is a way to check the file and determine if it's ok, or broken. I've been scouring the forums for hours, doing repeated searches, and have not come up with anything. The closest thing I can find is with WinHTTP, but I don't kow enough about it to know if it can do what i want. I've been reading up on it and havent had any luck as of yet. Basically, the page uses SteamPlug to strea the videos, and gives no errors if the file doesn't exist..the player simply doesn't load anything. Maybe WinHTTP could get some sort of error? Any ideas? Thanks.

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