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Working on a new idea

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question is: Is there a way to check if certain keys have been pressed in a certain order in a limited amount of time?


I was driving home from my christmas eve dinner and had the thought " why not just completely remove the password input box" ive been having issues with a script recently used to basically cover your desktop, it was just an idea to keep the teacher from seeing me browsing the forum or playing flash games in class haha. Well any way the problem im having is that when i have it set to ask for a password the input control pops up over the image that i have covering the screen, then when you need to call the cover again it shows the input control not the image not to mention the input looks quite ugly. so i figured why not just remove that input then realized i have no idea how to check which keys are being pressed.

yeah the explanation is long and kinda running, but a bit of help would be welcome.

ill post the original code as soon as i get on my lap top

A great place to start Autoit 1-2-3

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Check keys pressed : IsPressed UDF with it you can check for some specified keys and you have many functions :)

Check how many time keys have been pressed use this :

#include <IsPressed_UDF.au3>

While 1
    If _IsAnyKeyPressed() Then
        $Init = TimerInit()
            $Diff = StringLeft(TimerDiff($Init) * 0.001, 7)
            TrayTip("", "One key has been pressed : " & $Diff & " sec(s)", 1, 4)
        Until Not _IsAnyKeyPressed()


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Hardware : Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-2400 CPU @ 3.10Ghz / 8 GiB RAM DDR3.

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awesome! ill give it a try in the mornin its way too late to be doing anything serious

A great place to start Autoit 1-2-3

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