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Nomadmemeory problem

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Hello, I'm using Nomad memeory to change a thing on a game but it isn't working. This is the game http://tibia.com/

$ProcessID = WinGetProcess ( "Tibia" ); få process pid
                    $ProcessInformation = _MemoryOpen($ProcessID); öppna memoryn
                    $IP2 = '' & GUICtrlRead( $IP ); läs vad som finns i $IP
                    $Port2 = '' & GUICtrlRead( $Port )
                    $RSAkey = '109120132967399429278860960508995541528237502902798129123468757937266291492576446330739696001110



                ;Change Ips
                ; Change RSA key
                    _MemoryWrite(0x5AB610, $ProcessInformation, $RSAkey,'char[350]')

I wrote the comments in swedish so you won't understand :)

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Place this at the top of your script

SetPrivilege("SeDebugPrivilege", 1)

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