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auto-shutdown in case of RAID failure?

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Hi all,

I took computer programming in high school so i have a basic understanding of language code, but far from understanding most scripts these days.

I have set up a couple RAID arrays and would like the server to do an auto-shutdown in case of a RAID drive failure. I talked to Adaptec and they mentioned it is possible if you have a script that runs through the event log. Anyone have any experience with this?

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Reading the event log is after the event, unless you want some watchdog program sitting in the background continually reading the event log (and consuming valuable resources).

Isn't RAID supposed to reduce the risk of data loss? If the one you are using is not, consider a robust backup operation or try a different flavor of RAID.

Back to event log: Use WMI to search for the appropriate error codes. When one is found, don't forget to remove it from your list of events to scan before shutting down, otherwise your program will continue to trigger. Hint: Use a sleep command inside your loop to stop your script consuming all the CPU resources.

Are you going to pull the rug out from under your users when an error is detected? What method will you use to alert that the reason for the server shutdown is because of possible data loss?

Edit: Saw Zedna's post. The help file for "_EventLog__Notify" seems quite promising as an alternative to using WMI. Of course you may not need the GUI portion of the sample code in your final version if you want this to run in the background.

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