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Help with Playing a Quicktime Movie

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I've got a very simple function to play a quicktime file in my gui program, however the problem is,

how do I tell autoit to wait around while the movie is playing?

Func PlayQT( $moviefile )
  Dim $oQT, $qtcontrol
  $oQT = ObjCreate("QTOControl.QTControl")
  $qtcontrol = GUICtrlCreateObj($oQT, (@DesktopWidth/2)- 320, (@DesktopHeight/2)- 240, 640, 480)
  $oQT.URL = $moviefile
  GUICtrlDelete( $qtcontrol )
  $oQT = 0

I've searched high and low, and there is very little documentation (and none useful ) on the QTOControl.QTControl activex control and it's methods and properties.

All I want is to wait until the movie is finished playing and move on when either the movie finishes playing or the user presses a key?

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