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Downloading a image while need to be logged in

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Hi all

i found this link


and i need to do the exact same thing however.

dale sais

_IEPropertyGet will allow you to get the coordinate postion of the image, then right-click on it and script the file save as... dialog.


and i thougth you could run it hidden,

but when automating a task like this it controls your mouse. and i cant get it working with control send and control click. it only works when i dont use coordinates

ControlClick($website,"",,"","[CLASS:Internet Explorer_Server; INSTANCE:1]","right",10,10)

anyone get this its really weard that it works without the coordinates.

aslo inst there a other function meaby just new like _IEdowload.

could be very handy for auto updates and stuf that you want to give a little protection



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