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Oki i need some help with pexels is been days and i cannot figure out how to use em

i give un examble how i need them so if samone explain them to me it would be nice .

i have say a black screen 800x600

in it there is a loot of moving or not moving purble dots. and one of those but for giving me a difference i will be lets say orange

well now coz i am a bigginer i nthis am not gonna use arrrayes to make me see it harder am gonna use simble vars so i can understand it

oki lets seee a example . P = Purple . o = orange



P p p |

o |

p \


i want to know how mutch difference is away from the closer purple dot to the orange like say we are 800x600

the closer is 350x230 (possition) and i am in 320x200) i want to get those 2 in viriable

how can i do it i have no idea

use mouse pos to find the x and y ?

or with in thoe pixesearch() i must claim the viriables ??

please help me out here am lost

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