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probs with ListView

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This is my first experiments with GUI.

I am having trouble conceptualizing and implementing a ListView Ctrl.

I have a large 2-D array.

I have successfully created toggles and other ctrls that allow the user to set search criteria.

When the search button is pressed the relevent results are displayed in the ListView ctrl.

I would now like the user to be able to highlight one record for editing.

This is where I am stuck.

The best I can figure it is to have the user drag and drop a ListViewItem into a box, and when the drop is triggered to run a function that parses the line into multiple fields. I would then have to research the original array in order to find that record and update the data. (??)

Any better ideas out there?

I have tried using functions such as _GUICtrlListView_GetItemText with no success (always returned an empty string)

Also, I was thinking that there must be a better way of tying the indices of the array with the indices of the ListView to avoid a research, but that is not that important.

Anyways, thanks for any help you have.


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I'm using _GUICtrlListView_GetItemTextString($listview, -1)

-1 means the selected/hightlighted item.

_GUICtrlListView_CancelEditLabel to edit the items data.

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