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RunWait() Bug? "Working Directory" not working...

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I'm currently using AutoIt v3.2.12.1 and have been scripting for quite some time but only recently noticed a problem with the RunWait() function in that it doesn't properly use the working directory. I've looked at the newest version that was just released (v3.3) in hopes that it was fixed but I didn't see that function mentioned under the 'History' section.

Here is the sample script:


$Ret = RunWait("SomeProgram.exe",$InstallDir,@SW_HIDE)

if @error <> 0 then $Ret = @Extended

;At this point $Ret will equal 2 and SomeProgram.exe will not have run or installed


This script will work (changes marked in bold):


$Ret = RunWait($InstallDir & "\SomeProgram.exe",$InstallDir,@SW_HIDE)

if @error <> 0 then $Ret = @Extended

;this will exit successfully and the program will run/install

I thought I'd point this out for future releases but if its something I'm doing wrong then please let me know.


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