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help with messenger server

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i am mpdifying the cobra 0.3.6 messenger to fit my needs.

but there is still a small bug which shows every offline user as Administtrator instead of the actual offline user.

here is the code which diyplays the users status and the name.

$Split = StringSplit($Data," ")
                                If $Split[0] = 2 Then
                                    For $i = 0 to $MaxConnections-1
                                If ($Index[$i] > -1) AND $Email[$Index[$i]] = $Split[2] Then
                                ; User is online.
                                    TCPSend($Socket[$n],$ACKNOWLEDGE & " " & $DispName[$Index[$i]])
                                ElseIf $i = $MaxConnections-1 Then
                                ; User is offline.
                                         TCPSend($Socket[$n],$DENIAL & " " & $DispName[$Index[$i]])
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