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Hidden Browser window.

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I have a script that logs into a VPN firewall, and the firewall automatically refreshes itself to stay acitve via javascript. I have been unable to pinpoint the exact javascript code, so therefore instead I just keep the window open and then I hide it using autoit. However, it seems that when you hide an IE window, that the JS or anything else doesnt automatically trigger so the javascript to keep the firewall active never occurs and it times out. I was wondering if anyone else has ever faced this problem and what the solution could be. Perhaps a different way to "hide" a window, perhaps something with a transparancy.

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perhaps something with a transparancy.

WinActivate("[CLASS:IEFrame]", '')
WinWaitActive("[CLASS:IEFrame]", '', 3)
WinSetTrans("[CLASS:IEFrame]", '', 0) ; 0 = totaly transparent / 255 = normal

Cheers, FireFox.

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