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Reading Memory Address - WoW

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Ok im a little stuck, done lots of searching and havent found what I needed so I hope you guys can help me out.

So I was intrigued by memory 'hacking' and decided I wanted to play about with it.

So I downloaded myself Cheat Engine and got myself Nomad Memory.

After reading the tutorials and finding out how to find the address you wanted I found my

hp bar address value which is : 1F35CFB8. After reading forums I see many have '0x' infront of it

and yet I dont know why this is however I just tried with what I had and this is what I have scripted atm:

#Include <NomadMemory.au3>                      
SetPrivilege("SeDebugPrivilege", 1) 
$address = '1F35CFB8'
$Handle = _memoryopen(WinGetProcess("World of Warcraft"))
$addressread = _MemoryRead($address, $Handle, 'dword')
MsgBox(0, "", $addressread)

Im unsure if 'dword' is the correct type however I did search for the memory address using the value type : text in cheatengine.

Ive also tried 'char[9]' as NomadMemory said to add 1 to the number of how many digits there are.

I hope someone can help me out on this, all help is greatly appreciated. =]

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I have further read into memory scanning and have realised that memory addresses change etc therefore bringing in the need for pointers.

However I am yet to figure this out but I want to get the example above working before I progress onto pointers.

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If you just want to see the value try this...

#include <Array.au3>

#include <NomadMemory.au3>

SetPrivilege("SeDebugPrivilege", 1)

$ID=_MemoryOpen(ProcessExists("WoW.exe"));;not sure what the process is for wow, that was a guess


$Res = _MemoryRead($Address,$ID)

MsgBox(0,"My value",$Res)


As for resources with auto it here is a good post on dealing with them...


Also check out


has some memory functions on the 2nd post

I dont play wow, but i have seen a serious thread devoted to memory scanning and what not...should check it out.

Here is a little code if it helps...

$ID = _MemoryOpen(ProcessExists("XYZ.exe"));;gets the process ID

$baseADDR = _MemoryGetBaseAddress($ID, 1);;gets the base address after finding the ID

$StaticOffset = Dec("37fc78");;the offset for the green address

$CharHPPtrOffset = "0xAC";;2nd level pointer offset

$CharHPOffset = "0x4C";;1st level pointer offset

$CalcADDR = "0x" & Hex($baseADDR + $StaticOffset);;2nd level pointer

$value = "0x" & Hex(_MemoryRead($CalcADDR,$ID));;calc to find 1st level pointer

$CalcADDR = "0x" & Hex($value + $CharHPPtrOffset);;1st level pointer

$value = "0x" & Hex(_MemoryRead($CalcADDR,$ID));;calc to find address of value

$HPADDR = "0x" & Hex($value + $CharHPOffset);;address of value

$HP = _MemoryRead($HPADDR,$ID);;the value

That is for a value that had two pointers :) Good luck

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Wow, thank you you gave me all that I needed and more. I cant help but thank you mate :)

Once again thank you for your contribution its highly appreciated.

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