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A couple GUI questions.

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Ok well I want a code system for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas which will probably make it easier to understand what I'm trying to figure out.

I would like to know how to make a selection with GUICtrlCreateCombo which will print the selection into a GUICtrlCreateList, then when you click a button register the text against the actual code, then check if the window "GTA: San Adreas" is there, then continue to bring the window up and do one code then wait x seconds for the game to register the code and continue until they are all done and exit the program so you can keep the game up and continue playing without having the extra window in the background.

The things I need to know are:

How to print the selection you make in the Combo to the List.

Click the button to register the code against the text and type the code in the maximized game after seeing if the window is open. (Ex. Spawn Jetpack code is rocketman, I want the selection to be Spawn Jetpack but the program types rocketman.)

Thank you for any snippets or other information you can give.

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