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Launching application via shortcut

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First time autoIT user, long time regression tester.

I wrote a script to install an application and had AutoIT create a LNK file on the desktop to one of the associated files of said program.

What I can't figure out is how to launch the lnk file. This *should* launch the associated application with the file that the LNK points to. Granted, me double-clicking the LNK does exactly that.

I even tried to do a direct 'c:\program.exe' via run() with no luck.

I'm doing this worng. Someone please correct me.


Sean Shrum

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ShellExecute user-defined function should let you run LNK files or files if the file association was created.


Run('c:\program.exe') should work, although you might need to specify the full path to OR call FileChangeDir before Run.

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