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Unblock Help Files under Vista

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I just stop by to let you know how to unblock a downloaded .chm help file because it's not so obvious and it's a real pain in the ass.

$filename = "name_of_your_file.chm"
$var = IniWrite($filename & ":Zone.Identifier", "ZoneTransfer", "ZoneId", 5)oÝ÷ ØF¬ÊÚ¡»­ªÝ¶âÑè¥ëaÌ"V޺Ǻ[h²nrjwfjG²¢æ¯¢'Z­æ¥Á«-zíg¢{¬¶¬ÈhÂÚ(¥éÚ²ø¥¨¡ü¨º¸^âçb­ç-'ë¢l¨º»(~Ö®¶­se'Vâ6öÕ7V2fײgV÷C²ö2gV÷C²fײb33¶æWRÖ³¤Õ4E7F÷&S¢b33²fײb33c·÷W%ö6ÕöfÆRfײb33³£¢òb33²fײb33c·vRb33²æFÖÂb33²ÂgV÷C²gV÷C²Â5uôDR

(works at least on Vista and XP)

Edited by Slym

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