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Quick-Mailer v1.4

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Tired of having to open up Thunderbird every time you need to send a quick e-mail attachment? This handy program sends quick emails with an attachment and has the following features:

- Imports contacts from your Thunderbird address books

- Add and save contacts to the Quick-Mailer's address list (i.e. contacts that are not in your Thunderbird address books)

- Command line and Send To ability! See below.

Create a shortcut to Quick-Mailer (the shortcut can either run the au3 or the compiled script) in the SendTo folder (usually hidden), located in your user folder. To send a file via Quick-Mailer, simply right-click it in Windows Explorer, go to the Send To menu, and click on the shortcut to Quick-Mailer!

NOTICE: This is a new release. This version saves your UNENCRYPTED password in an .ini file if you save your SMTP settings so please do not use this version on a shared computer.

Coming soon:

- consolidation of all settings boxes into one window

- multiple attachments

- multiple-line message bodies

- the option to enter your password each time you use the program instead of having the program store it

- switching between email accounts with different SMTP settings

- stored password encryption

Used Jos's SMTP mailer UDF and SmOke_N's _ArrayUnique UDF to delete array duplicates. Thanks!!

Note: this is one of my first programs in AutoIt. Appropriate feedback is appreciated. Thank you!


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Edit: Fixed a huge error that caused the program to crash on first use. It should work now.

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