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Can StringRegExp find a URL in a text file?

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watch the dots separate the domain and subdomain, upper&lower case and the underscore at the end of the URL ".....SuMRru_fs.jpg"

standar criteria are "http://" and ".jpg"

i wrote something about that ...

$asResult = StringRegExp($source,"http://[a-z]|[0-9]|[A-Z]|\.jpg",1)
If @error == 0 Then
    MsgBox(0, "the link is:", $asResult[0] )

thnx a lot anyway...

Chris Dimas (Speck)

the finest Blues Jazz Rock by VL and SpecKtotallynoob.com tutorials about SysAdmins NetAdmins SecAdmins

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StringBetween() "http://" and ".jpg" ????



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