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Getting and setting PC time from GPS NMEA

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Hi there,

I needed to be able to set my PC time from an external GPS device for motosport event timing.

I had to use GPS as there was not mobile phone signal to allow an internet connection.

I bought an EverMore USB GPS reciever and wrote this to allow time synch on the laptops I was using.

It has been tested on XP Pro and Vista and seems to work.

Let me know if you have any suggestions or find a bug.

If you need to download commmg.au3 or commmg.dll (by Martin aka Mass Spammer) then you can find it by searching the Forum, his thread is entitled, "Serial port (COM port) udf, includes ability to send/receive binary data".

If you find a use for it then I would be delighted to know that someone else has benefited from using it.

Best regards,



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