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Convert Unicode to AnsiCode

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Please help a newbie

The function "FileReadLine" doesn't work if the regfile ist unicode! Before i can read, it must convert to ansicode

Try to export a key with subkeys from the registry and read it with "FileReadLine" !?!

Thats the problem...

I have found this cmd script to convert reg files from unicode to ansi code !

@Echo Off

echo UniCode to ANSI converter for Registry files.

md ~ANSI

for %%a in (*.reg *.?reg?) do type "%%a">"~ANSI\%%a"

for %%a in (*.reg *.?reg?) do attrib -r -h -s "%%a"

cd ~ANSI

for %%a in (*.reg *.?reg?) do move /y "%%a" ..


rd ~ANSI

it works ! :lmao:

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