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Sudden error in <INetSMTPMailCom.au3>

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I incorporated the following OCR code to detect some text in a bitmap.

Func _OCR($file)

Dim $miDoc, $Doc, $str, $oWord

Dim $OutputString = ""

$oMyError = ObjEvent("AutoIt.Error", "_CoMErrFunc")

$miDoc = ObjCreate("MODI.Document")

$miDocView = ObjCreate("MiDocViewer.MiDocView")


$miDoc.Ocr(9, True, False)

$miDocView.Document = $miDoc

$miDocView.SetScale(1, 1)

$i = 0

For $oWord In $miDoc.Images(0).Layout.Words

$str = $str & $oWord.text & @CRLF

$OutputString = $OutputString & $oWord.text


Return $OutputString

EndFunc ;==>_OCR

However, since doing so I'm now getting an error about the INetSMTPMailCom.au3 UDF.

C:\Program Files\AutoIt3\Include\INetSMTPMailCom.au3 (102) : ==> Variable must be of type "Object".:

I'm invoking the OCR function as follows..

If StringInStr(_OCR("C:\image.bmp"), "Found:1") = True Then

MsgBox(0, "Error", "More than 1 record found")


Can anyone see what might be the problem? If I run the above in a script without the INetSMTPMailCom.au3 it runs as expected.


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This isn't enough information to determine what could be wrong.

What else would you need?

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The script portion that includes InetSmtpEmailCom.au3, set all variables needed for _InetSmtpEmailCom() and the actual line calling it.

The included _InetSmtpEmailCom() func and the line that triggers the error.


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