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Reverse engring a window

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Here's my issue: In automating a complex application you have to go thru multiple steps to get to a particular dialog you're trying to automate. After each test, you may have to manually go back and undo what its done before you can retest etc. I prefer to make unit tests for each of my scripts that interact with a particular dialog.

My idea: It would be awesome if there was a tool that worked something like the AutoIt window info tool, where you could point it at a particular window. This tool would have a capture option, you could trigger it, and it would spy through the window and generate the AutoIt script that would reproduce that window with all the same controls/same static data in the same locations. This would let you 'capture' a fake version of the dialog. Then you can focus on automating this one dialog independent of everything else. With a small amount of effort you could add some dynamic behavior and/or setup test cases.

Is there anything like this already?

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