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So I would recommend the names StdErrPeek(), StdOutPeek().  It is possible if you read the character and then use the C function to put a character back onto an input stream.  This function usually only allows the last character read to be returned to the input stream.  Nuts, I wish I remembered the name of the function.  Where is My K&R C manual?  :D

The peek functionality is present in the current implementation, using the higher-level Win32 API PeekNamedPipe() function, which I had been using for other stuff anyway.

I had thought to minimize the sprawl of functions by delivering different behavior with special argument values and flag parameters to the 3 STDIO function calls:

;Close Stdin
StdinWrite($process)                    ; Called with no data to write...

;Peek 10 characters from Stdout, Stderr
$foo = StdoutRead($process, 10, 1)    ; Called with peek
$foo = StdoutRead($process, 10, 1)    ; param set to TRUE

;Get number of waiting chars on Stdout, Stderr
$foo = StdoutRead($process, 0, 1)      ; Called with readsize
$foo = StdoutRead($process, 0, 1)      ; param set to 0

...but it may be that it would be better to have StdinClose(), StdxxxPeek() and StdxxxCharsWaiting() or whatever. There'd be little more code & redundancy that the functions defs themselves, and if it spares a thread on the forum :) then I'm OK with that.

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