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Running a program through the command line concatenating in parameters

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Hi there i am a newbie at work here and i have the following application that i am trying to integrate into a portal.

SPeil below

Bluespier is a Windows executable program and can be called using command line parameters as follows:

BPMRUN.EXE /EXTERNAL U=UserName P=Password C=PatientID

The /EXTERNAL tells Bluespier that it is being opened from an outside application.

UserName is the Bluespier username that the user would normally use to login to Bluespier. (Passed in as a parameter)

Password is the Bluespier password associated with the UserName. (PAssed in as a parameter)

PatientID is the hospital number of the patient to be opened. (PAssed in as a parameter)


The Bluespier application will open as if GWEBB logged in and will immediately open the Patient Details screen for patient 123456.

Basicly i am lost as the syntax to get this to run through the command line

Is there any kind soul out there who would not mind helping the NHS out and tell me the syntax to run this through the

Run(@ComSpec & " /c " & 'commandName', "", @SW_HIDE) ;

Thanks for any help

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