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My company uses an IBM server. I know very little about it. I know that it uses pcsws.exe. What I would like to do is find a back door to the information on the server. Of course not to do any damage, but currently that server is always up to date with all products and packaging materials. I am responsible for another database that tells factory works how to package everything, and also lists the materials and such. The two databases aren't connected :) seems backwards to me to have the same data in two spots, and have it need to be put in twice. I've been working (well was working, need to get back on the project) of creating a new database that is easier to use, access, and quicker and easier to change. So it's a perfect time to try and figure this out. For my database, I have found all the back doors and can suck all the information I need out of it when ever I want. But this stubborn IBM crap I know nothing about, where the files are, how to pull stuff off. So if anyone has any experience with it. Please help me out, before I take out my anger with it on IT :o.

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