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GDI tutorial..

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ok well im back as you can all tell but i have no idea what in the wide world of autoit, GDI is or how to use it.. if anybody could point me to a good tutorial on how to use it and how to use it with autoit i would be very grateful.



A great place to start Autoit 1-2-3

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Best place to start is current version AutoIt help file under "User Defined Functions -> GDIPlus Management"

Since the help file has an abundance of functions and basic examples of GDI+ use.

Also Examples thread in the forum seems to have lot's of code examples that you can pick up a lot knowledge from.

MSDN is another place that can help when your trying to do something with GDI+ that's not in AutoIt's help file.

Apart from that GDI+ is often a case of trial and error and lots of learning curve and reading as you go along (for me anyways).


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