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Interact with game's console.

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im trying to make a autoit script than can do the following:

It reads out information from a game's console, alsways the last (lowest) line.

Now it should search for a special word/text in that line and send a text string to the console if that

text was found. Than again.

Something like this:



send("the text");
[than jumps back and waits for the next line]

This is for a serverprogram. Everytime a player enters it should print a message. Idk how to do that in autoit. I have basic java knowledge.

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It would be much easier to make the first like contain all of the information, most scripts do that because the script requires less programming, it just always reads line one.

But, if you needed to you could use _FileCountLines and FileReadLine to get the information on the last line.

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