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Form Painting (or repainting)

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Hi Everyone, This is my 1st post to the forum, even though I have been using AutoIT now for about 1 year and reading the forum regularly. So greetings to all. I love AutoIT for its simple yet powerful syntax. Recently I became interested in programming card games in AutoIT, after using Microsoft's cards.dll in VB for a while. I found it relatively easy to convert VB games to AutoIT except for one thing, and this is where I would appreciate some help from the gurus out there.

I use calldlll to access the routines in cards.dll to draw playing cards on my forms but the problem is they don't persist. If another window is opened over the form, the cards disappear! I have attempted to use invalidation of areas on the form, creating picture boxes and trying to draw the cards on them but no success so far.

Can anyone assist with a method of making the form repaint itself so that I don't lose the cards all the time?

Kind regards,


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