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Streaming Media Server with Website

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I just finished this yesterday. Now I can watch my movies or listen to my music from anywhere

I found a free streaming media server which works well and can stream any kind of media file (avi, mp3 etc).

So that was cool but how am I gonna remember the path to my media because it doesn't have a browse function.

So I did a little AutoIT and webdesign.

Now I can schedule a job that generates html files of whatever directories I want.

And has links to start streaming it to my machine.

The only drawback is if you have alot of stuff the webpages can get pretty big.

I loaded a program called "httpzip" on my machine which compresses the data before your machine downloads it and it works really well. The pages actually loaded faster then when they were on my hard drive.

Once you have it working I would of course suggest securing your site if your gonna open it up on the internet like a did.

I chose to setup a combination of certificates and username/password.

Nobody can really do any damage because it's read only, but you don't want anyone wasting your bandwith :)

And even if they managed to hack your site your media files aren't on the site only the website to access them.

So if someone wants something fun to play with here you go.

It's actually not that hard to setup.

If anyone has any feedback I'm open.

Screenshot: http://mymovies.dk/resource.ashx?a=1151

Download Link: http://www.mediafire.com/?hwydrzzwf5o

Have fun,


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Hi Kenny,

I'd like to take a look at what you have done. I'd like to be able to play movies and pictures that are on my PC to my TV. When I click on Screenshot: link I get a message that says "Please do not link directly to this resource. You must have a session in the forum." I am signed into the forum. When I click on Download Link: I get a message that says "This file is currently set to private". Am I doing something wrong?

Thank you for sharing it.


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