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Run as Service/ Create Service

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I have been attempting to create a service that continues to run during logoff. Specifically, I am wanting to turn the monitor off after a logoff, because a friend has a computer that does not behave properly with power saving features like turning the monitor off after 10 minutes etc.

I am working on a simple script that turns his monitor off, then after x mintues of inactivity, logs off. Both portions work. but the logoff terminates the service, which runs under local system.

I have been using the method described here to create and start/stop the service

services udf

which is included in the FAQ in this forum.

This does create a service, but must be under the wrong context.

Ptrex made a gui for adding a service using WMI Win32_BaseService class, that utilizes Srvany.exe. Found here

ptrex au3 service

this does work. A logoff still allows the script to remain running.

I am wondering, after looking at msdn, if it is even possible without the help of srvany.exe, to create a service that does what I want. I have plugged in different settings such as using the NT_Authority/network service, stuff like that. Tried using interactive/non interactive settings.

I can certainly use srvany.exe, but like most, would prefer to figure out how to do this without it. Here is a piece I have been tring to call with, using the ServiceControl udf.

_CreateService("", $sServicename, "Test_Service", "C:\windows\system32\srvany.exe", "NT AUTHORITY\LocalService", "", 0x110)
;~  _CreateService("", $sServicename, "Test_Service", "C:\windows\system32\srvany.exe", "LocalSystem", "", 0x110)
RegWrite("HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\" & $sServicename & "\Parameters", "Application", "REG_SZ", @ScriptFullPath)

Nothing else in the script that is out of the ordinary. Nothing GUI except the tray icon, which will probably be hidden. Simple command line to install/uninstall the service, and a check for if the service not running to run it.

Does anyone know why this would be happening, and what parameter I must pass to the CreateService to achieve the desired effect?


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