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My company currently uses Google Analytics to track web site usage statistics. However, using google analytics in an offline widget would be a huge pain (basically building in functionality that mirrors a web browser, if I understand correctly).

I looked around but couldn't find a simple tracking script to add into an existing piece of software (we don't write the software ourselves, we hire other companies, and I don't have the compiler or anything like that to directly edit their code, although we could probably just tell them what to add in). If anyone knows of a script or program or something that does this, a link would be appreciated.

My idea was to build in an auto-it script that opens up the program, but also sends our servers some small piece of information to identify the user, such as an IP address (which we could analyze ourselves or something like that I guess). Either that or get the program to open a browser window with one of our webpages once in awhile and track stats for that page with google analytics..

We had a program that was a flop, and out of the relatively few downloads it had, we have no idea if anyone is actually still using it, so for the next version of it we would like to be able to track this information.

As usual, your help is much appreciated.


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