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Guest deathworm

A word finder / marker

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Guest deathworm


i am working now for hours at such a lil script, searched google for a huge time and searched in here for a script, but i dun find any.

the script i am searching for should have following functions

be active all the time till it gets closed

searching for a specific word in an internet explorer window

when it founds that word it may please mark that word (such as while moving with the mouse above it _or_ let the window blink and/or let open a msgbox

the sense is:

there is a java chat and i am an adm of it, but often i dun have the time to watch always into, and i would like to see if there is someone who is using bad words or calling my name.

to specific more words is no problem, that i would do via a config file which writes specific words into a regedit file. but just this constantly finding of specific words in an ie window makes me problems.

can someone help me about this topic ?

with greetings

deathworm / sasha


webnet security team manager.

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