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Hi guys,

i had an idea to make BitComet (1.06) UDF, which return current download list. as far as i know native BitComet download list is SysListView32 control and this is how it looks like:

Posted Image

on first sight thing was quite simple, then i have found all these problems.

1) ControlListView( $hWnd, "", "SysListView3210", "GetText", $iIndex, 0 ) return "" - this supose to be my file name from the list. all other subitems can be read perfectly. don't know for sure but i think the reason why i get "" instead of file name is that isn't regular item due to image it holds (im a newbie -.-).

2) i knew that _GuiCtrlListView_GetItem / GetItemText / GetItemTextArray / GetItemTextString could be the solution... but it wasn't at all. i have found even more problems trying to read this control by this way. i've got BitComet crash, after crash when my script was running at this line.

3) though it is something about memory access or so, so i used: SetPrivilege("SeDebugPrivilege", 1) at the very begin of my script and guess what? thing was even worst. i've got error "could not _API_ReadProcessMemory".

4) i have figured out that there is some other SysListView32 control where i can get desired file name and it really works, the only problem is that list shows detailed information of selected item from the native BitComet downlist and damn, ControlListView( $hWnd, "", "SysListView3210", "Select", $iIndex ) does not do the trick. Item is beeing selected OK but detailed information is not beeing refreshed and i don't know why. If you can take a look on screenshot i have made you will see items A and B:

- item "A" with thin dotted border (this item detailed information i see). is it focused? hotitem? what is this?

- item "b" on grey background is selected one - does not do the trick for me.

what is the difference between those items? since i don't really know how to read current state of those items i got stuck. what else can i try to get this damn file name directly from native BitComet download list or by selecting items for detailed information?

please help lol.


ps. excuse me my english :)

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