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Reference for Constants?

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I'm hoping somebody can enlighten me on constants. At this point I don't even know if our constants files are referencing stock Windows OS stuff or "customized-for-AutoIt" versions of the same, or a little of each? The help file only gives listings of them but when I try to Google a constant I often get AutoIt posts well before anything on MSDN. I've been trying to learn by using Gary's API utility (thanks) which shows me information like:


..but what does that mean? Is 0x0080 a value that I can change to alter how the constant behaves? ...or is it just a static code telling Windows I'd like to set $RDW_ALLCHILDREN to true and therefore my app will then take on the $RDW_ALLCHILDREN behavior?

How would I go about learning more about this stuff? Does anybody know where to find a "dummied-up" version of a utility similar to Gary's for us rookies?

Thank you very much. :)

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