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checking icons on desktop

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OK guys,

I need some serious help here. I am trying to create a gui script that allows the tech in field to run to check if certain icons are on the desktop and quick lauch(ie my computer,my desktop, certain software icons) (((icons not shortcuts)))

I am trying to check if icons are in place or not and feed info to a gui for the tech to decide if additional icons are needed....the reason i am scripting this is the techs are going to be running through this process on about 30,000 pc's over the next several months and other processes have already been automated with scripts

My problem is that I can't seem to figure out how to check for icon and feed to gui...i can do it with out any problems checking for shortcuts but not informational icons

I have tried filegetshortcut with errors for the variables and fileexist is also erroring out

anyone have any ideas that could help......

thanks in advance,


ps: I am not a newbie but also not an expert.......

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I think, an compare between existing and needed icon isn't possible. A lot of icon are included inside DLL or EXE files. You get access for this with index value.

So, i've no idea, how to compare this.

Best Regards BugFix  

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