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Selecting Option in Combo Box

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I have a program called workforce Connect. I want to write a script that automates a process. Basically when the program pops up a combo box I want the script to make a specific selection in the combo box and then click OK. Should be easy. So far I have:

shellExecute('c:\kronos\connect\knx.exe', '/run="\\kronos-p\Connect$\Payroll.KNI" /wait')

winwait ("Select Text for Field")

ControlSend("Select Text for Field","",,"PR")

This runs the program, waits for the combo box to come up, but the ControlSend is not working. I have attached a file with all the control info from AutoIt Window Info.

What am I doing wrong?


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ControlSend("Select Text For Field", '', "[CLASS:TTntComboBox.UnicodeClass]","PR")

Cheers, FireFox.


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