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I have two separate scripts to install two different apps.

Both scripts work perfectly;however, I am working on combining the two scripts and it fails.

I believe it is due to the first app being installed already.

I've searched for how bypass install if it is already installed and I cannot find that post again.

What I want is:

Check if Acrobat Reader 9 is already installed

If so - simply start install of second app

If not - Install Reader, then start installation of second app (no computers will have the 2nd app installed yet).

What I have so far is:

WinWaitActive("Adobe Reader 9 - Setup", "Install Adobe Reader 9 to")
WinWaitActive("Adobe Reader 9 - Setup", "Click Install to begin the installation")
WinWaitActive("Adobe Reader 9 - Setup", "Click Finish to exit setup")
;Can never get it past here and I think it's due to possibly having Reader 9 installed already
WinActivate("Custom App Installation","Install CustomApp on your computer")
WinWaitActive("Custom App Installation", "System Name:")
WinWaitActive("Custom App Installation", "components setup will install")
WinWaitActive("Custom App Installation", "Summary")
WinWaitActive("Custom App Installation", "System Restart Required")

Is there anyone that would not mind helping me out a bit?

Thx All

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Silent installation is always first priority before window interaction.


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