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hello.. i am aware of _ColorGetRed/Green/Blue returns the RGB Colour from 1-255 from a Hexidecimal eg . 0x8080FF ....

is there a function so that i can reverse this .. ie.. input the RGB value 1-255 first then it returns the hex . the only other way i could think of was to do sumthing like this

If GUICtrlRead ($Input_1) =  0 Then
      GUICtrlSetData ($Label_4, "FF")
   ElseIf GUICtrlRead ($Input_1) = 1 Then
      GUICtrlSetData ($Label_4, "FE")
   ElseIf GUICtrlRead ($Input_1) = 2 Then
      GUICtrlSetData ($Label_4, "FD")
   ElseIf GUICtrlRead ($Input_1) = 3 Then
      GUICtrlSetData ($Label_4, "FC")

which would be very time consuming as u would have to do it for every value 00-FF and for RG and B...

ty in advance

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