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Autoit V3 Beta [v3.0.92]

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It is my intention that this is the last release with any new features in prior to the initial release. Any other contributions/ideas will be put in a "todo after release" list. It's time to finish off the documentation and make sure there are no bugs what what we have.

3.0.92 (6th Feb, 2004)

Note: Script breaking changes to ControlLeftClick(), FileFindFirstFile(), SendSetCapslockState()

- Added: Dec()

- Added: BitNOT(), BitXOR(), BitShift()

- Added: TrayIconDebug (AutoItSetOption)

- Added: Dim single-line initialization and multiple variables

- Added WinTitleMatchMode 4 (AutoItSetOption)

- Added: #comments-start and #comments-end for multiline comments

- Added: DirCopy()

- Added: DirMove()

- Added: Controls will be checked by visible text as well as classname (waves to Chris :whistle: )


- Removed: SendSetCapslockState() - Use Send("{CAPSLOCK on/off}")

- Changed: FileFind works differently (handles used and multiple finds now supported)

- Changed: ControlLeftClick() renamed to ControlClick() and options added.

- Changed: Window Spy options added and ability to freeze display

- Changed: StringSplit will return each char if delimiters are ""

- Changed: WinMenuSelectItem return value

- Changed: optional variation added to PixelSearch()

- Changed: optional step value added to PixelSearch()

- Changed: FileMove() overwrite flag added

- Changed: *.* assumed if a directory is used in FileCopy/FileMove/FileDelete

- Fixed: @TempDir under certain conditions

- Fixed: Hotkeys were ignored while another hotkey function was running

- Changed: (Internal) DirRemove changed

- Changed: (Internal) Sendkeys tweaked A LOT

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